Plans for the LOKQ (Lokale Kreativ-Quartier) in Kassel are available

Berlin, 8th September 2022. Together with Heindrich Immobiliengruppe from Kassel, today we presented the plans for the “Lokale Kreativ-Quartier” (LOKQ). Around 800 residential units with various layouts for different target groups are to be created on the 10-hectare industrial site in the centre of Kassel. They will account for nearly three-quarters of the neighbourhood’s gross floor area. There will also be commercial uses and space for cultural and leisure activities as well as for the creative industries. The development plan for the new neighbourhood is expected to be available in mid-2023.

City Surveyor Christof Nolda is full of expectations, saying about the presentation of the plans: “The development of the Henschel Quarter is a great opportunity – for Rothenditmold and for the City of Kassel. Planning such a large area is always a question of meeting the widest possible variety of requirements and circumstances. This makes good coordination and intensive involvement essential. I am therefore delighted that we have taken the first step with the urban vision of the project managers, which we will discuss at the LOKQ Festival and then develop further.”

“Industrial Revolution meets Urban Evolution”

Under the motto “Industrial Revolution meets Urban Evolution”, our aim is to reconcile the historical identity of the Henschel site with existing and future users, and to use modular spaces to create an attractive and inclusive residential, living and working environment for art and culture, local businesses, local shops, childcare, education and multi-generation living space.

Head of the Department of Culture Dr. Susanne Völker sees great potential in the future neighbourhood – including for creative artists: “The development of the Henschel site into a vibrant quarter for everyone is a great prospect. Today, the identity of the site is essentially shaped by the cultural and associated institutions and initiatives that are based here: the Museum of Technology and the Henschelmuseum, and also the “Mr. Wilson” skateboard club and the Hammerschmiede network. I am delighted, and I strongly support the fact that the area will also be developed and improved for long-term cultural use.”

For Fritz Stoessel, Managing Director of Sector7, the requirements of existing and new users lie at the very centre of the design considerations: “We are convinced that collaborative and user-oriented properties will be more successful and sustainable in the long term. When creating our plan we focused on the needs of future users, businesses and facilitators – this creates not only exceptional quality of life for people but also opportunities for investors. The dynamic and constructive collaboration with the City of Kassel that has already been seen today is just as important for the successful realisation of the neighbourhood. I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere thanks for this.”

We are supported in the realisation of this usage concept by our local partner Heindrich Immobiliengruppe. Its Managing Director Sebastian Funke points out: “Not only will the proposed development provide a very important impetus to the city of Kassel – it is also certain to attract a great deal of interest from potential users and partners. We are delighted to be able to support the project with our expertise and our network.”

Conserving resources through preservation, and a climate-friendly new building

As well as conserving resources by preserving the existing industrial substance and environmentally-friendly new buildings, the sustainable supply of energy using innovative, holistic concepts and also modern sharing and e-mobility services will contribute to the neighbourhood’s carbon neutrality. The site will be opened up to green spaces and community gardening projects and integrated into Kassel’s green belt, which will also enrich residents’ quality of life.