Energy and Illumination

Inauguration of the new Sector7 office with contemporary visual artist Olivia Steele 

Networking and creative concepts are among Sector7’s core competencies. This was borne out at the official opening of our new office on Kurfürstendamm in Berlin. Alongside the introduction of Sebastian Blecke as a new member of the management team and several other new colleagues, we also presented our freshly printed “The 7even chapters of Sector7” brand book to our guests during the social gathering. The main focus was on our self-image as a real estate energizer, i.e. the strategic claim to create our properties and neighbourhoods as sustainably energy-efficient places that have a transformative effect on the future in very different ways. 

A special highlight of the evening was the exhibition in our new office by the internationally renowned contemporary visual artist Olivia Steele which made the creative spaces of Sector7 artistically and uniquely visible. Olivia Steele’s light installations and artistic depiction of social upheavals were a perfect fit for the innovative procedural approach of our project and neighbourhood developments.

With her light installations, Olivia Steele creates spaces of contradictory, confrontational or reconciliatory meaning. In short, exciting and vibrant spaces of opportunity which should also be the basis for the sustainable conceptual design of energy-efficient real estate projects.

Artistic illumination and the presentation of Sector7’s Real Estate Energizer approach combined to create an inspiring ambience for exciting conversations with our network partners, including self-created drinks at the new team bar.