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Transforming Real Estate

Our Purpose

Everything changes. Never before have changes been felt as quickly and intensively as today. Digitalisation, mobility and globalisation are influencing the development of our cities, our working world and our lives. There is a special energy in these changes, a new design demand for locations, places and buildings. Those who recognize and harness this transformative power will be presented with unique opportunities for lucrative real estate investments.


Value Transfor­mation

Our Method

Know-how, creativity and decision-making: Along the value chain of a real estate project, the Sector7 team generates added value in every phase of the transformation of a property.


Identify Perspectives


Sector7 is networked nationwide with the major providers in Germany. With market knowledge and the ability to anticipate, our executives see potential that others do not see, and can make quick and binding decisions.

Funding investment impact

Investment Impact


Equity strength and a network of investors and financiers give Sector7 the ability to develop extraordinary financing concepts and to implement them quickly and bindingly. This makes projects possible that would be unimaginable with other partners.

Creation of building rights

More than expected


Whether for new developments, additions, extensions or changes of use in existing buildings: based on extensive experience, conceptual strength and innovative power, Sector7 thinks ahead, exploits potential and develops new dimensions.

Product concept

Added Value


Not the building, but the user is the focus of the project design. To this end, Sector7 networks closely with trend researchers and develops creative solutions - which create added value for the users and thus for the property. Bright guiding ideas and strong brands emotionalise the projects and make them tangible for all stakeholders.

Architecture concept

Building the Future


Outstanding local and international architects manifest the product concepts in space, form, material and living reality. A high level of urban development and well thought-out planning quality ensures long-term successful investments.

Marketing approaches

Proof of Concept


Sector7 involves potential users at an early stage of the project to evaluate and further develop product concepts. This proof of concept results in reliable estimates of the performance and income prospects of a property.

Investor Relations

Creating Opportunities


Thus, Sector7 creates various opportunities for its network of investors to participate in the added value prospects of the projects - depending on the project phase as equity partner, development partner or end investor of a property. Decades of project experience, a wide range of references and a unique reputation guarantee the attractiveness and solidity of the projects.
  1. Our Method
  2. acquisition//identify prospects
  3. financing//investment impact
  4. obtaining building rights/more than expected
  5. product concept//added value
  6. architectural concept//building the Future
  7. marketing approaches// proof of concept
  8. investor approach//creating opportunities
Increase in project value 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

Trend cluster


From megatrend to need to product concept – create more sense, more use and more value with themed properties. The selection of Sector7 projects is based on this principle. New Work, New Locations and Silver Living are some of the trends that drive Sector7 projects.

New Work


Office reality is changing rapidly. Sector7 understands dynamic companies, new ways of working and digital possibilities. The knowledge transforms traditional real estate projects into future-oriented and efficient offers for the working world of tomorrow.

Next Location


New locations can benefit from the densification of city centres. Sector7 harnesses the energy of the Urban Shift megatrend and identifies locations with exceptional potential. New usage concepts and guiding ideas create a new identity and generate values from which many can benefit.

Silver Living


The megatrend qua demography – inspires concepts for living in the second half of life. Technologies, services and individual solutions for the growing market make it possible to live well into old age, while generating attractive returns.

Business areas


Sector7 carries out projects in the value-enhancing segments of development design, upcycling and upgrading a property:

development design

Purchase of land with realisation of new building

In the early stages of project development, know- how, creativity and networks create the greatest leverage for value creation.

Sector7 only acquires land with exceptional future potential, creates building rights and develops product and architectural concepts.

Potential users and buyers of the properties are also identified and committed in the early stages. In the realisation phase, Sector7 offers strong development partners an attractive investment. Equity partners can also participate in the above- average value creation prospects as early as the purchase of the plots.


Conversion of existing properties

Due to changing metropolises, many locations are becoming more attractive and thus have more potential for economically more valuable uses.

Sector7 finds existing properties that offer extraordinary possibilities and transforms them into new meaning, desirability and increasing profitability with intelligent solutions. Potential users are integrated into the development process at an early stage and retained as tenants.

Upcycling projects offer equity partners an investment with attractive cash flow and great prospects for value enhancement. An attractive offer with future potential is created for development partners and real estate investors who are strong in construction.


Revaluation of existing properties

Real estate is rarely developed or managed in line with trends or user needs.

Often, attractive added value can be developed without large investments – with innovative service, community or design concepts – which combine higher user satisfaction and earnings.

Sector7 acquires new and existing properties with such development potential, thus creating real estate investments with above-average profitability.


Development Design

NXT.Collaboration Village

Airport Collaboration Village

plug. play. grow. is a place of physical and digital networking, an inspiring and activating environment for collaboration, creativity and growth. Adjacent of BER airport, we open the door to a new world full of ideas. Creative power from science, technology and industry will be accumulated for a joint future – a center of gravity for new and better work.

Facts and Figures

Location Airport BER, Waßmannsdorf
Plot size Ca. 42.000 m2
Planned GFA in m2 Ca. 85.000 m2
Usage Education and Science, Co-Working,
Catering & Conferencing,  Future Mobillity,
Food Production, Retail, Hospitality, Light Industry

Development Design

Technology Park Funkerberg

Development Design

Located directly at the Schönefelder Kreuz between BER International Airport and the new Tesla Gigafactory, we are creating a campus for craftmanship, service, education and research. The concept aims for synergies and added value for the construction and building industry.

Facts and Figures

Location 15711 Königs Wusterhausen
Plot size 14.763 m2
Planned GFA in m2 approx. 18.000 m2
Usage Handcraft, Production,
light-weight industry, Architects

Development Design

Feldbäckerei Fürstenberg/ Havel

Development Design

Berliners are increasingly drawn to the surrounding area; Fürstenberg is the ideal location for this: perfect accessibility by train with high speed internet, in the middle of the lake district and nature reserve. The Feldbäckerei will be developed to a contemporary mix of vacation and weekend apartments, co-working, tiny houses, a marina for pleasure boats and a country club.

Facts and Figures

Location 16798 Fürstenberg
Plot size 34.783 m2
planned GFA in m2 30.786 m2
Usage Tourism and weekend getaway

Development Design

Rechlin Nord

Development Design

This exceptional waterfront property, located on a headland on the Müritz River, is being developed as a site for apartments and hospitality. The unique topography of the site allows an exclusive view facing the lake, the protected shore and the nearby marina.

Facts and Figures

Location 17248 Rechlin
Plot size 20.351 m2
planned GFA in m2 5.700 m2
Usage Apartments/ Hospitality


Paul Feldner Str.

Development Design

Revitalization and renewal of a protected residential and production facility from the „Gründerzeit“ in the heart of the redeveloped historic city of Frankfurt Oder.

Facts and Figures

Location Paul Feldner Str. Frankfurt O.
Current NFA in m2 Approx. 3200 m2
Planned NFA in m2 Approx. 4500 m2
Usage Urban living, small and mid size
businesses and catering




On an existing industrial site in the well-connected north of Berlin, the Wittestraße 46-48 Logistics and Commercial Yard offers a location that, with its variable warehouse and office space, provides logisticians, craft enterprises and tradesmen flexible solutions. The halls with loading ramps are suitable for classic logistics systems as well as modern last-mile logistics companies.

Facts and Figures

Location Berlin Reinickendorf, Borsigwalde
Current NFA in m2 22.600 m2
Planned NFA in m2 55.000 m2
Usage Logistics and commercial




In the centre of Kassel, directly on Holländischer Platz, there is a strikingly curved office and commercial building. The building complex in the immediate vicinity of the university is accessed via three different addresses and extends over further adjoining buildings. Its location at the Holländisches Tor, which provides direct access to the old town, opens up the ensemble with its diverse development opportunities.

Facts and Figures

Year of construction: 1993
Tenant structure: Multi-Tenant
GST: approx. 4.203 m2
Gross floor space for commercial use: approx. 8.189 m2

Passion for 
Real Estate

Who’s behind

See potential earlier than others. The power to act. The energy to prove it can be done.

Different. Better. More successful. With heart and soul and the absolute will to excellence.
  • Rainer Bormann
  • Dr. Martin Hintze
  • Lutz Grimm
  • Michael Siebold

Dr. Martin Hintze


Dr. Martin Hintze has been active as an entrepreneur and investor since the early 1990s. In 1992 he founded Dr. Hintze & Co. OHG together with his brother Florian and has since then invested in residential and commercial real estate in Berlin and the surrounding area as a long-term portfolio holder, whereby the portfolio has also been expanded by numerous project developments. Through Hintze Holding GmbH, Martin has holdings in numerous growth companies, including in the Property Tech and Sustainable Nutrition segments. In parallel to his entrepreneurial activities, Martin worked for more than twenty years as an investment manager with an international investment company and for the last ten years he has been responsible for the European investment business as Managing Partner.

Martin has led the acquisition of companies throughout Europe in various industries and has served on the supervisory boards of companies in the industrial gases, mechanical engineering, specialty chemicals, cable network operations, construction materials, automotive supply, renewable energies/offshore wind energy, marine electronics and food industries, among others. Martin is a triathlete and long-distance swimmer and, together with his wife Asa, is particularly committed to environmental protection (Chairman of the Greenpeace Oceans Board) and children (Vice Presidents of Save the Children).

Rainer Bormann


Rainer Bormann has been at home in the Berlin real estate market since 2004. After ten years as an investment banker, he founded ORCO Germany in 2004 and, as CEO of ORCO, was responsible for the privatization of Gewerbesiedlungs-Gesellschaft mbH (GSG) in 2006. In 2011, he and Lutz Grimm launched the venture capital company Newten Ventures, which co-founded and acted as managing angel for eight companies in various sectors ranging from co- working to 3-D printers: Not only capital, but above all know-how in the areas of strategy, marketing and organizational development were brought in. In 2014 he founded REV Holding, which focused on commercial real estate in Berlin districts such as Tempelhof, Reinickendorf and Pankow at an early stage.

Rainer has been committed to social causes for many years. Until December 2018, for example, he headed a non-profit sports club for seven years and was chairman of the supervisory board of a large Berlin cooperative for six years. More recently, he has become involved in the integration of refugees into the Berlin working world.

Lutz Grimm


As founder and managing director of TPA Real Estate Brands, Lutz Grimm has played a decisive role in shaping marketing and branding in the real estate industry over the last 20 years. In 2018 Lutz merged his company, his knowledge and his team into allmyhomes – a platform for data-based development and marketing of project developments. In addition, he is involved as a co- founder and investor in various start-ups and ambitious real estate projects. Lutz completed a technical degree and specialized in marketing at the AfU and text at the School of Ideas in Hamburg. From 2012 to 2016, Lutz had a teaching assignment in the master’s degree course in project development at the Bochum University of Applied Sciences.

Michael Siebold


After studying business administration, Michael Siebold worked in sports management for over a decade until the end of 2010, in particular as managing director of the Golf- und Land-Club Berlin-Wannsee e.V. There, he is currently once again a member of the board of directors and is also an honorary interim managing director until the beginning of 2022. From 2011, Michael worked independently in real estate consulting and was mandated for the sale and transaction of corporate real estate as well as residential and commercial projects. During this time, Michael also held several advisory and supervisory board mandates, e.g. in consulting and construction, and accompanied various vacation property development projects.

Michael has not lost his passion for sports despite his professional focus on real estate. As a licensed coach for basketball and soccer he has been involved in youth work for many years and was Non-Executive Director of the Ladies European Golf Tour in London. As founding president of the Rotary Club Berlin-Mitte, he attaches great importance to social commitment in Berlin, e.g. for disadvantaged young people and young professionals.

As Managing Director of Sector Seven Investors GmbH, Michael is responsible for sales and acquisitions as well as development and administration of the company.

REV – Real Estate Ventures


Since 2014, Rainer Bormann and Lutz Grimm have been developing quarters in Berlin together with Julian Kunz and Dr. Martin Hintze project partners under the name Real Estate Ventures Holding (REV).

The focus is on the upgrading of commercial sites by developing tailor-made solutions for the respective locations. Value creation in office real estate through product upgrading: restructuring, repositioning, product concepts, asset management in three product classes:


Office space with added value upgrade; room for more success through a plus in space, a plus in technology and a plus in services!

Factory Office

Industry lofts; the right space for the personal economic miracle: whether loft floor, conventional individual office or a desk in the co-working space.


Vitality offices with activity concept; upgrade by combining intelligent flexibility with an innovative activity concept.

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