Living through the ages: innovative concepts for the Silver Generation

People around the world are getting older and this has a huge impact on our society. It is a trend that not only presents us with considerable challenges but also offers the opportunity to create a new socio-cultural vitality. The Silver Generation megatrend describes these extensive effects of demographic change. New approaches and concepts for living in older age must be developed to take advantage of this opportunity.

According to the zukunftsinstitut, every tenth person in Germany will be over 75 years old by 2030. Physical mobility will therefore change and there will be increased demand for a different infrastructure and the design of appropriate living and public space.

Innovative services and housing models must be created to provide older people with more opportunities for independent living with a better quality of life in the future.  It is about developing a housing concept that adapts to the needs of the older generation and yet is beneficial for everyone because the Silver Generation also offers an opportunity to reshape society, taking the needs of all generations into consideration.

So, our high-quality living concept for the Silver Generation is being created on the site of a former NH Hotel in Kleinmachnow under the motto “Full of Vitality in Older Age”. It is an example of what living in older age can look like today. The project, which is based on our “Silver Living” business unit, comprises a hotel conversion with a planned gross floor area of 15,000 square metres and an investment volume of EUR 60 million.

On five floors, residents will discover apartments with contemporary, age-appropriately designed furnishings and fittings, tailored to the needs of older people. In addition to the apartments, the concept offers attractive wellness, health, catering and sports facilities, and residents will also have access to a comprehensive 24-hour concierge service.

The living concept is therefore far more than just a roof over someone’s head: it offers a comprehensive and innovative concept for a life full of vitality in older age that serves both the physical and mental well-being of residents.

This is not just about barrier-free living: it is a new concept of Universal Design that benefits all generations because younger people can also enjoy accessibility improvements such as an easily accessible entrance or a shower at ground level. Universal Design therefore means defining a quality standard that benefits all generations and provides greater comfort for residents, regardless of their age or physical ability.



Inspiration for textual basis from the zukunftsinstitut: