Revitalization of the Herzbergstrasse project through art & culture

Many cities are struggling with a growing vacant property problem. There are many reasons for vacant properties, which have a negative economic and social impact on local communities. As a property developer and investor, we are both keen to assume social responsibility and excited to be part of the solution. For example, we have launched an initiative in the property we own on Herzbergstrasse in Berlin to give artists and other creatives free interim use and thus revitalise vacant spaces and the neighbourhood.

In partnership with Culterim, we have agreed a contract for interim occupancy in Herzbergstrasse which creates an important instrument for revitalising brownfield sites and promoting urban development. Professionals working in the arts and culture now have access to suitable premises to exhibit their works, host workshops and work on their creative projects. This allows them not only to take their own work to the next level, but also gives them a tangible opportunity to have a positive impact on the surrounding area.

Our initiative is an important contribution to the “S” in ESG as it integrates social and societal aspects into our business practices. Vacancies are revitalised and put to new, creative use, which also has a positive impact on the immediate neighborhood.

We are delighted that our initiative allows us to make a small, but valuable, contribution to the promotion of art and culture in Berlin.